Pregnancy/ Postpartum

Pregnancy and postpartum are such a unique time and transformative journey. The benefits of a properly guided fitness program with a certified pre/post natal professional are paramount for a healthy mom, baby, labor & delivery, and adjustment to life with a new family member.

We are a FitForBirth certified facility and our specialized pre/post natal programs address:

Core breathing
-Teaching proper core function and breathing through all exercises to create a strong foundation that will reduce the risk of diastasis recti, other core injuries, reduce stress, and prepare mom for a natural delivery.

-“Big 4” prenatal correctives
-Adaptive training through all stages of pregnancy and postpartum recovery
-Specific interval training aimed to simulate labor to help build a foundation of endurance and confidence
-Rehabilitation of c-section, episiotomy, diastasis recti, incontinence, and more (we collaborate with women’s pelvic physiotherapists and physicians for more severe issues)

-Mindfulness coaching to reduce stress
-Guided imagery techniques

-Basic guidelines for making sure mom and baby receive the nutrients they need during this time for maximal health and development
(We are not nutritionists and can not prescribe exact nutrient guidelines- we will work closely with your healthcare providers and nutritionists in special circumstances)


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